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Marineland Marineland

Gigantic Marine Park - Unique in Europe. Representations of lions, orcas and dolphins. Glass tunnel through a giant aquarium with sharks, polar bears, encounters with dolphins and sea lions. Possibility of VIP visiting,  dinner in the company of Orcas ...

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Aquatic Park, a dozen of slides, including some giants, wave pool, some slides adapted to small childrens (from 3 years)


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La Ferme du Far West

The Farm


The far west Farm Attraction, playgrounds, live shows around the Wild West


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Adventure Golf

Golf course, around the theme of the adventures of Jules Verne. - The Mysterious Island - five weeks in a balloon - Journey to the Center of the Earth. Accessible to all audiences and all ages, with three levels of difficulty.

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You absolutely must see Palace, Oceanographic Museum, the Botanical Garden exotic plants.

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International Fireworks Festival

One of the most spectacular annual festivals of the year, the Festival welcomes around 200,000 people for six nights (shows). Each show is built around a theme and background music.